Homeless population growing older

More than half of homeless adults are age 47 and older, according to a recent AARP blog post. This is quite a devastating fact. Older individuals are more prone to health risks and living on the streets will only increase these risks. There have been different statistics of the lifespan of homeless people, and they are quite scary. As the AARP points out, some statistics say life expectancy can be up to age 64, which is about 20 years younger than the life expectancy of the non-homeless population.

Because of these distressing, startling statistics, helping older homeless individuals has never been more important. These individuals deserve our attention as equally as the younger homeless population, but with a little extra care to their health.

This is why we are proud of the organizations we work with to get homeless individuals the medical care they need, and make sure health care is an important focus of our annual Project Homeless Connect. To see many of the service providers available for the homeless in Dauphin County, please see http://www.cachpa.org/HomelessServicesReferenceManual.pdf.

For more about the older homeless population, please check out AARP’s recent blog post: http://blog.aarp.org/2013/03/27/sally-abrahms-old-and-homeless-no-caregive/.


One Response to “Homeless population growing older”

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